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Winning your fantasy baseball league used to come down to who had the most organized spreadsheet.

Throw away your pivot tables, because we’re doing the hard work for you.

Submit your feedback, let us know what tools you want, and we'll make them.

Fantasy baseball



The feedback form has 5 sections with plenty of screenshots of what's currently available on Hashtag Basketball. Not all of the tools translate to fantasy baseball, but it gives you an idea of what has been done. Each screenshot has a link to view the tool in a new window.

Q1. Rankings

Here are some examples of fantasy basketball rankings on Hashtag Basketball.

Standard rankings
Advanced rankings
Dynasty rankings
Points league rankings

Describe what you want to see in our ranking tools:

Q2. Schedule Analysis

Here are some examples of schedule analysis on Hashtag Basketball.

Advanced schedule grid
Schedule grid
Premium schedule grid
Playoff schedule

Describe what schedule tools you want:

Q3. Importing your league's data

Here are some examples of tools that allow you to import and analyze your league's data on Hashtag Basketball.

Fantasy baseball
Fantasy baseball
Fantasy baseball
Fantasy baseball
Fantasy baseball
Fantasy baseball

Describe what tools you want to analyze your league's data:

What kind of leagues do you play in (website and league format):

Q4. Other tools

Here are some examples of other tools on Hashtag Basketball.

Defense vs position
Trade analyzer
Next man up
Compare players

Describe what other tools you'd like to have:

Q5. Other comments

Other suggestions and feedback.

Do you have any other suggestions or feedback?

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